4 Wheel Alignment

4 wheel alignment at PTX Tyre Centre Gorey Wexford

Full 4 wheel alignment available 

ONLY €40


If the car is slightly out of alignment it could wear
the inside or the outside of your tyres, This will lead to you only
getting 50% of the life of your tyre !

Reasons / Times you need to get 4 Wheel Alignment done:

  1. When you buy new tyres you should always get wheel alignment done on your car also to ensure you get full value and life out of your tyres
  2. Irish roads, we have all hit the famous Irish pothole, usually when you hit an Irish pothole, you will knock the alignment off without even knowing it, so rather than wearing all you tyres away, the wisest thing to do would have it checked right away.
  3. When you hit a curb, this can also put your alignment out of whack again needing to be checked.
  4. NCT, You must have your alignment 100% when going to do the NCT, if the wheel alignment is out, you will have to retest !
  5. If you have had ball joints, drive shafts, suspensions etc, replaced on your car, you have to have your car alignment redone also as it will most definitely be way out of alignment !

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